What are your front receivers rated for?
Because we do not do load testing, we are unable to provide a specific weight rating on our front receiver hitches welded in the bumper. However, if you are looking to run a winch on a cradle, we suggest no greater than a 10,000 lb winch combined with a professionally tested and installed cradle system. We do not recommend using as a ‘tow-behind’ point or for a snow plow setup.  


Does your product work with a snow plow? 


We do not specifically manufacture our products to work with a snow plow.  We suggest the customer referencing our install instructions and be responsible for fitment or custom fabricating if they need this option. 


Can I flat tow my Jeep/Bronco using your front bumper?

Yes, you should be able to flat tow as long as you are using the properly sized and weight rated tow bar connected to our front shackle mounting points on the bumper.

What winch fits?

All our front bumpers are designed and tested around WARN electric winches. The most common WARN winches we work with are:
VR Series 10 & 12; ZEON Series 10 & 12; and M-Series 12, 15, & 16.5ti

The fitment of each winch and/or light combination inside our bumper will vary—please see specific bumper product page for winch fitment details.

Note: Other brand winches will fit our products, but you will need to refer to WARN’s website to reference and compare the dimensions and overall footprint.

What lights fit?
All of our front bumpers are designed and tested around Rigid Industries LED lights. The fitment of each will vary—please see bumper product page for light fitment details.

Note: Other brand lights will fit our products, but you will need to refer to Rigid’s website to reference and compare the dimensions.

How much do front bumpers weigh?
Each year/make/model and bumper series will have a specific weight, but you can follow these general weight guidelines on our front bumpers:

Traditional Series: Extreme 315-335lbs
A2 Series: Base 265-275lbs Sport 285-310lbs Extreme 345-365lbs
A2L Series: Base 135-165lbs
T2 Series: Extreme 210-260lbs
FT Series: Base 140lbs Extreme 195-215lbs
Freedom Series: Base 125-150lbs Sport 125-150lbs Extreme 195-215lbs





Does this work with my factory hitch?
Except for F150 rear bumpers, all other Bodyguard rear bumpers will work with the factory hitch that comes on the vehicle. We cannot guarantee fitment with aftermarket trailer hitches, as dimensions and specs vary within the market.

What lights fit?
All our rear bumpers are designed and tested around Rigid Industries LED lights. The fitment each will vary—please see bumper product page for light fitment details.

Note: Other brand lights will fit our products, but you will need to refer to Rigid’s website to reference and compare the dimensions.

How much do rear bumpers weigh?
Each year/make/model will have a specific weight, but you can follow these general weight guidelines on our rear bumpers:

Traditional Series = 160-190lbs
A2 Series = 140-160lbs
T2 Series = 135-165lbs
FT Series = 135-165lbs
Freedom Series = 100-120lbs





Do you offer colors?
We do not offer custom colors, only gloss black or texture black powder coat.
If you want to custom paint or powder coat your bumper, we suggest ordering in bare metal—see details below.

What is the bare metal option?
When ordering in bare metal / raw steel this requires advanced prep work before applying a finish coat. The bare metal option is straight from the production line and does not include sandblast or paint prep. Sanding, smoothing, and/or body work by your paint shop is suggested to get a 'show quality' finish. Check with your paint shop for more details.

Does this work with my parking sensors?
Yes, all our bumpers are made to work with factory parking sensors. If given the option during checkout, please choose the option for with or without sensors when ordering the specific series.

For other series where sensor cutouts come standard in the bumper, for example the FT Series and T2 Series, we will include plastic/rubber sensor plugs with the bumper, for trucks that do not have factory OEM sensors.

How does this affect Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)?
All Bodyguard products currently on the market are compatible with factory Adaptive Cruise Control modules. All bumpers include ACC relocation brackets that go either behind the bumper (most cases) or behind the factory grill.

Do products come with hardware for install?
Installation hardware—which in most cases is primarily Grade 8—is included with all product purchases.

Are products interchangeable?
No, all products are designed for the specific year/make/model span listed on our website.
Products are not universal or interchangeable between different vehicles or body styles.

Note: Some trucks are the same body style for several years, for example, 2010-2018 Dodge RAM 2500/3500. This front bumper would be interchangeable within this year span, and such will be noted on our website. Otherwise, products are not interchangeable.
Bodyguard Bumpers does not provide support or instructions on how to modify a bumper to fit a vehicle it was not designed for.

Do you sell bumper kits I can weld together myself?
No, we do not offer DIY kits or laser cut files for you to make the bumper on your own. All products are fully manufactured and welded at our facility before they leave our dock.





Where are your products made?
All our products are 100% designed and manufactured at our plant in Paris, Texas.

What is your lead time?
Lead times vary, depending on inventory and order flow.

Many items are in stock, so feel free to call to confirm before ordering.

If not in stock, generally speaking you can expect a 4-6 week lead time, but that does vary based on order flow.

Lead times are estimated dates only; we do not offer guaranteed ship dates, as various manufacturing processes are involved.

Can I buy direct?
Yes, we do sell direct on our website, but we prefer you order through one of your local dealers or distributors in your area.

As a manufacturer we cannot give discounts to retail customers and we will not "under cut" a dealer on new merchandise. We kindly ask if you are price shopping to please order from the dealer in your area or the dealer who has taken the time to quote you prices and answer your questions about the product. Thanks for your consideration.

How do I find a dealer in my area?
Please feel free to call or email us so we can connect you with a dealer in your area.

Do I pay sales tax?
Shipping is taxable in-state, so a rate of 8.25% applies to all shipments in Texas or items picked up at our facility in Paris, Texas.

If the item crosses state lines via a common LTL freight carrier, then the shipment is non-taxable.
Bumpers and automotive accessories do no qualify under the Texas ag exemption rules.

How do I get order status updates?
Please contact the dealer or website store you purchased from to get order status information.
If you purchased directly from Bodyguard you may contact us directly for order status information.

How do you ship?
Our products ship 18-wheeler truck freight on oversized pallets to destinations in USA and Canada.

Can I pick up at Bodyguard?
Yes, if you order directly from us you may pick up at our facility. Please choose the “Pick Up” during checkout.

Do you offer custom work?
No, we do not offer custom work, custom designs, or custom welding. If it’s not listed on our website, we do not offer it.

What is your cancellation and return policy?
Our detailed policy can be found here:

What is your warranty?
Our detailed policy can be found here:

How do products ship?
All products leaving our dock are packaged for protection and shipped on custom made, oversized pallets via 18-wheeler common carrier.

Packaging includes multiple layers of stretch wrap, cardboard, foam wrapping, foam absorber pads, and outer cardboard wrapping. We use several top-rated national freight carriers, and typically try to arrange the lowest priced freight available, passing our volume discount on to you to save you money.

Due to size and weight, our products are NOT eligible to ship via small package or UPS.

Full freight & shipping information can be found here:




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