MAP Policy


Effective January 1, 2021


  • Each Reseller is free to establish its own resale prices. This policy is meant to control the advertised price.
  • This Policy establishes a Minimum Advertised Price and requires compliance with the Policy for a Reseller to be authorized to use BODYGUARD’s intellectual property and participate in BODYGUARD rebates, promotions, and other programs.
  • To comply with the Policy, each Reseller must (at all times) advertise all products at a price equal to or greater than the MAP price listed on BODYGUARD’s data file.
  • If a Reseller advertises a product in any “publicly accessible format” less than MAP, Reseller will be considered in violation of the Policy and they may be subject to the violation procedures listed below.

The Policy is subject to all retailers, jobbers, dealers, e-commerce stores, online marketplace / auctions / other seller platforms, warehouse distributors, and all other resellers without exception.

To comply with this policy a reseller must agree that all BODYGUARD products advertised in any publicly accessible format—regardless of location or medium used—be at price equal to or above the MAP Price listed in the current data file. This includes but is not limited to: online, in store, catalog, and/or social media. This policy also includes any price published on the internet, including but not limited to prices displayed through links, pop-ups, messages, or linking to another website. For example, a Reseller may NOT include statements such as “click to see lower price” or “click to see special price” or “click for lower price in cart”.


BODYGUARD management team has the sole authority to establish that a Reseller has violated the MAP Policy. BODYGUARD may, without assuming any liability, immediately take action deemed necessary to cure the violation. Such actions include but at not limited to:

Revoking purchase authorization on the Reseller program; revoking access to images, trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property used for advertising purposes; discontinuing participation in sales promotions, rebates, and other Reseller program perks.

Additionally, if a Reseller continues to be in violation of the policy, they may also be included in a public Unauthorized Dealer List, which is provided to warehouse distributors. Any reinstatement of the Reseller program and/or benefits shall be at the sole discretion of BODYGUARD, and reinstatement as a Reseller is not guaranteed upon remedy of Violation. BODYGUARD reserves the right to refuse to do business with any Reseller that violates the terms of this Policy.


BODYGUARD reserves the right to occasionally permit advertisement of its products in connection with promotional programs for limited periods of time that might otherwise violate the terms of the MAP Policy. BODYGUARD will give advanced notice to its Resellers of such promotional programs, as appropriate, to ensure continued compliance with the MAP Policy.  

Additional Policy Terms and Conditions

This policy may be modified, extended, suspended, discontinued, or rescinded in whole or part by BODYGUARD at any time. In the event of any disagreement over the interpretation or enforcement of this policy, BODYGUARD reserves the right as the manufacturer to make the final decision about its products, pricing, and Reseller program.

Potential Violations

For questions or comments regarding this policy, please email our policy administrator at: 

Only the Policy Administrator is authorized to answer questions or accept information regarding potential violations.