warranty-icon.pngBODYGUARD® warrants the following statement under this agreement:


All products manufactured carry a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY for manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or material.

All powder coat finishes carry an industry standard LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY from the original date of purchase.


In this warranty statement, the term “defect” is defined as any imperfections which impair the use of the product for which it was intended. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement and is non-transferable between customers or vehicles.  

Purchaser is responsible for retaining all proof of purchase documents—duplicate receipts for purpose of warranty claim will not be provided.  

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide a written description of defects to the manufacturer within 30 days of discovering claimed defects.

High resolution digital pictures are required in order to present evidence of defects. However, in certain cases the submission of pictures may not exempt purchaser from being required to return the actual product to Bodyguard for inspection and warranty decision.

If Bodyguard approves a powder coat warranty claim, the reimbursement for powder coat repair shall not exceed $300.00 per item.  Under the powder coat warranty, Bodyguard does NOT cover shipping, removal, installation, or other incidental fees. 

In order for a defect warranty claim to be honored, the following conditions must be met:

Product must be sent to Bodyguard at the customer’s expense—we do not reimburse for shipping, fuel, or other associated costs. Bodyguard will inspect the product to determine if damages are a result of misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, collision, or normal wear and tear, etc. Bodyguard reserves the right to make warranty decision after in-person inspection. At the discretion of Bodyguard, if it is determined that damage is under warranty, the sole responsibility of Bodyguard shall be for the repair or replacement of the product or the equivalent. If the product is repaired or replaced by Bodyguard under said warranty, the remainder of the original warranty period shall remain in effect and will not be extended due to repair or replacement.

This warranty statement does NOT cover any associated costs including but not limited to:

Labor or installation; freight/shipping; fuel/mileage; improper installation; road hazards; rock chips; normal wear and tear; weather conditions; misuse/abuse; damage from impact or collision; damage to other personal property; product fabrication, alteration, or modification in any form; extension of any voided warranty the vehicle manufacturer offers; warranty or extended warranty offered by another powder coater. We offer no implied warranties, written or otherwise, including the implied warranty of fitness or merchantability.

Powder coat warranty does NOT cover chemical applications that have been applied—whether directly or indirectly—to the product.  Examples include: cleaners; road chemicals; salt or brine applied to icy roads; etc.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to routinely clean the powder coat finish and not allow chemicals or road spray to build up and sit on the surface of the powder.  While powder coat is generally more durable than paint, powder coat can deteriorate over time and will eventually fail of not properly taken care of. Bodyguard will not cover any claims related to powder coat failure due to chemical build up or in cases where the surface has not been properly cared for or kept clean.

Under no circumstances will Bodyguard be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from use or misuse of our products.